Our CLASS system has revolutionised laboratory stock management

  • SmartHeat

    Save energy, money and reduce your carbon footprint with Smartheat

  • Dibbio Pack

    Our technology cuts down on wastage in store rooms and saves money and energy.

  • SusFoFlex


  • TriggerSmart

    Our wireless sensor technology reduces improves firearm security.


Bring your ideas to reality through innovation and development. Georgia Tech Ireland creates and supports research and industry communities that together solve real problems and invent the future. Call today to see how can get ahead of your competition.

Georgia Tech Ireland (GTI) is an applied research centre, founded in 2006 as a joint investment between Georgia Tech and the Irish State (IDA). The centre was further strengthened by the addition of two renowned Irish University partners, NUI-Galway and the University of Limerick. GTI is an industry focussed applied research centre that supports an effective and timely translation of applied research from our university partners to industries that require innovative RFID/Wireless and ICT solutions to solve real world problems.

Engage with GTI

Enage with GTI

Georgia Tech Ireland is much more than an applied research organization, we believe in ideas. Ideas are the spark of innovative thought and the foundation of product and service development. Unfortunately not all ideas are created equal, but all deserve the chance to be more. At Georgia Tech Ireland we provide the route to discovery through our staged technology research consulting service.

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Do you have the expertise for my project? This is a common question asked of us and the answer is a resounding YES. Most problems require more than one technical solution and fortunately, if we don’t have the in-house expertise we know where to get it. Our alliance partners are amongst the world’s leading research organisations, giving us the power to devise a solution to even the most complex of problems. This makes us your one-stop research portal and gateway to solving your research question.